Lessons of Someone Crossing Over

Posted Feb 6th ,2011

How does one feel after they have “lost” someone that was close to them?  Take a moment and think of someone who was very dear to you that has passed on either in the past month, year or decades.  Remember the wonderful smile and elegance that person had.  Remember the life within their eyes.  Remember their imperfections that just made them so perfect, for who they are.  As the saying goes, we do not appreciate what we have or who is around us until they are gone.  I wish more people could appreciate the moments they have with one another.  There are many lessons I have learned in the past weekend.  My grandfather, Ralph Matta, passed away on January 28th, 2011.  This was something that I knew was coming 6 to 7 months prior.  Being a doctor of Chiropractic and knowing all the protocols, herbs, nutrition, energy healing and much more, I fought with myself day in and day out on how I could help him as I saw the decline continue.  Being a chiropractor, we know the body best beyond any other profession.  I knew all the processes that were occurring and where my warning signs were at to let me know, this is not looking good.  It got to a point where I saw the signs that he would not live past Feb.  This fight to help him, this feeling of urgency I had within me was something I did not know what to do.  As John Mayer states in his song, “Say.”  I was, “Fighting with the shadows in my head.”  One part of me said, you know what you need to do to revitalize him.  Another part of me stated, these are his choices and no matter what I say or do, he has chose his time.

Through this 7-month process, I have learned that the moment we are born, is the moment of when we will pass on in this world.  It is pre-determined to know when we will leave this lifetime.  The choices we make through this lifetime will dictate if we will leave this place called, “Earth,” quick or suffer our way out of here.  As I tell people,
“You have the CHOICE to have health or disease.  You have the CHOICE to determine how you want to live your life and how you want to pass on.  Since I am a chiropractor, my one optimal goal is to assist you in living the best quality of life that you can.  To experience all that life has to offer. Wellness is what will help you become rich in this lifetime.  Wellness is what will allow you to enjoy experience, learn and obtain the lessons that your soul has come here to learn for its own advancement.”
Ever wonder why some people are born in the U.S. and others are born in Africa or the Middle East?  Ever wonder why someone is born into wealth and another into poverty?  This is not chosen by luck but by your KARMA.  Some people do not believe in KARMA but I always say two things to them.  First is, what your body is, is your KARMA.  The second is what your socio-economical background, your heritage, generation you were born in and much more is derived from your KARMA and the evolution process of your soul.  Nothing in life or in the universe is by accident.  There is an intelligence/God/Divine/Universe that is always working for your higher good.  This is why I tell people, “There is nothing bad in life but good.  Every event we see is an event designed for our highest good.  When we judge or perceive something as bad, ask oneself, what lesson am I suppose to learn?”  Life is always everlasting.  Life is always moving on.  Our soul is based upon the laws of energy, it can never be created nor destroyed.  Energy can only change form.  When we come into this world, we come from a non-local, non-form and transform into a different form that we see ourselves day as a human being.  When we pass on in this world, we will go back to our HOME where it is non-local and in another form.  Life is never created nor destroyed but always everlasting. When we see the death of a loved one, we always say our loss or he has died and passed on.  In all reality, the person who has passed on is much closer to you now than he has ever been.  When you want to bring him/her to the present moment, think of a memory of him/her and they will be there.  If you want to pray to him/her, look within your heart and you will instantly connect with their soul and be connected on a very deep level.
Death of the human form is a celebration on the spiritual realms.  Imagine being gone for 5 years and then, returning home.  How does your friends/family and loved ones respond?  They are excited and have open arms for you.  They are in the state of joy, bliss and gratefulness.  Their hearts are open and there is only one vibration that is current and that is love.  This also occurs in the spiritual world.  Each one of us come from a spiritual or soul group.  We have soul families just as we have families in this world.  The families in our soul group show different forms in different lifetimes and play different parts.  I will in the future write a blog about lifetimes and the soul in much detail.
So, in closing, what have I learned through my grandfather’s passing.  There are not words that can explain what I have obtained from him, the lessons, the beauty but what I can say is I have learned to appreciate more of what life is, what this experience is on this planet and how we can make the best of this lifetime.  I have learned that what I do as a human being, a servant for humanity is the sense of urgency.  What could I do for others that are suffering and don’t know when their time may come up?  How will they know?  The medical model is known to kill at least 300,000 people to 1.1 million people a year based upon proper prescribed drugs and drug reactions.  I am tired of seeing how big corporations have poisoned our foods, our water, and our drinks and created a falsehood that over 80% of the population believes for the sake of making more MONEY.  I am tired of the big game of control that we our unconscious of.  I am tired of seeing humans live a life unconsciously to where the decisions they make and believe are upon what big corporations or the news want you to believe.  I am tired of being in a suppressed society by negative news, the big propaganda of FEAR moggling that now, happens on every single level.  That is all we hear, that is all we see is fear.  To control a nation or the world, you extort the truth and this society has done so.  I can go on and on about how all these things relate to decreasing our health, decreasing our minds to have the higher power of control which all relates to MONEY.
So, the question is, what will I do?  This is what my grandfather has taught me through his passing on.  Instead of sitting in the stands as most people do and complain about A, B, C.  I am going to fight to serve humanity and be a vehicle of truth.  I will make sure everything I say, teach and inspire will be on the realms of truth.  As I continue this journey, I will not stop until I have reached the highest level of truth that I am divinely possible in this lifetime.  My grandfather was a stubborn, driven man when it came to business and life.  His drive and stubbornness to achieve what he wanted is what instilled in me and no matter what, I will have my grandfather live on through me and within me.  As we see death as a passing, it truly is a gift to witness, especially if you spent time with that person.  It is through that person’s gifts that you can obtain and have their will or personality lives on through you.  Passing in this life to another, leaves many clues, many lessons and many things that we don’t normally appreciate or be aware of.  When Jesus Christ passed on, the one thing he said was, “My WILL will be done.”  No matter if you pass on in this lifetime, your WILL will always be done as long as you have a clear vision, mission and purpose to achieve what you desire.  Besides Jesus reaching the level of enlightenment and there are only two other people who have achieved the level of frequencies as him (Buddha and Lord Krishna), it is through one living through thy own spirit that will have their will be done.  Gandhi knew within, he would do whatever it took to stop the British Empire which at that time, controlled a third of the world.  Gandhi knew his vision, his purpose and what he was serving for and without raising a hand in war or harm, he accomplished and took down one of the world’s most powerful empires of human existence.
It took my grandfather to give me that personal fire that will never be burned out.  Even if my life was threatened, I know I serve and honor the I AM of my soul and since my soul is a part of GOD, I know I am serving and honoring GOD/DIVINE/UNIVERSE.  Thank you for reading and hope this gives the ones who have never let go of someone they loved passed on plus give inspiration and empowerment to yourself and your soul.  My main purpose in this lifetime is to help heal and empower humanity and this is my soul’s purpose that I will live on until I transcend into the spiritual realms.  Thank you for reading a very personal blog for me.

Facing the Mirrors…

Posted July 18th, 2011

In today’s era, we are seeing much emotional turmoil.  We are seeing relationships breaking up, economic crisis’s, the increase of fear within our life, the ups and downs of our own emotions, and so much more.  It appears that emotional turmoil is continuing to happen more and more and the problems that we think we just solved, comes back with vengeance the next week.  If you are experiencing what every human is experiencing right now in this world, then know that this process is perfectly normal and designed for the evolution of your soul.  It may sound weird, or something you couldn’t believe.  The reasons why these events are happening more often is due to one not obtaining the lesson needed.  We are being faced with the things we most resist.  The more resistance you have within your heart and mind, the more resistance you will see outside your inner world.  The inner world is what creates the potentiality of consequences for the outer world.

As we live day by day, we constantly are resisting some aspect of our life.  Take a moment and close your eyes.  In this process, I want you to take three deep breaths.  After, ask the question from your heart, “What are the things I resist in my life?”  Take a look at relationships you have that are failing or have “issues” with?  Know within that these issues are the consequences of your perception.  Ask yourself, do I reject that person in my life or accept?  From there, ask why you reject or accept them?  Pay attention to the reasons on why you would reject someone and these will give you clues to the current lessons one needs to obtain.  As you practice this more, you will start to realize how easy and quick you can obtain answers.  I tell people all the time, YOU have all the ANSWERS WITHIN YOU.  One does not need outside sources to tell you about the potentiality you are currently living.  As we all start to look within for all our answers, we will start to find the truth to why.  One thing you have to pay attention to is, all things evolve and come from YOU.  So, as soon as you take your attention off yourself, you are allowing the ego to reject and create separation. The heart knows we are all one and accepts all for what and who we are.  The mind only perceives and accepts what is form.  The mind cannot comprehend or understand spirituality.

So, in closing, know that you are an amazing individual.  You are perfect for who you are.  You are here on this planet for a purpose that is bigger than yourself, this world and this universe.  Believe in the power of who you are.  In this time, you are on a roller coaster and every time you are heading down south, ask yourself this question, “What is the lesson I need to learn from this?”  Then state, “I surrender all things to you (God/Divine/Universal Intelligence/it) and I know my answers are already being aligned for my highest good.”  From there, with faith, all things happen.

You are so powerful, the human mind cannot even comprehend the power of yourself. Know that each time you learn from a lesson and help evolve your mind, body and soul, you end up helping evolve the mind, body and soul of each and every human being.  It is the law that states, if you bring your own vibrational frequency up, you end up raising the vibrational frequency of humanity.  And as each one of us take off our own personal barriers of our light, together, we will bring heaven on earth.  The CHOICE is ours.  What do you choose…

Much blessings in light and love!


Victor Manzo Jr.