Flu Vaccine pt. 2

If you missed our previous blog about the Flu Vaccine pt. 1, click here.  In this segment we talk about the Gold Standard when it comes to theeffectiveness of a drug.  This is called, The Cochrane Review.”  In this review, they determine how effective a drug or vaccine is with a smaple of people.  We have categoriezed the effectiveness of the flu vaccine down into 4 categories: Infants, Children (2-17yoa), Adults and the Elderly.  The reviews were very interesting and against what mainstream media has been telling Americans.

For example, in one study, mainstream media was stating that the flu vaccine is 50% effective in preventing the flu.  When the research was reviewed, you will see a manipulation of numbers.  For example, 1 out of 2 is 50% BUT when you are doing a sample of 100 people, 1 out of 2 in a sample of 100 people is 1.5%.  What that means is, the flu vaccine is only 1.5% effective from preventing the flu.  1.5% effective!!!!  How does that sound to you, especially after listening to our previous blog about the ingredients in the flu vaccien an their effect on our health?  For more information, click the link below as I break down all the science behind how effective the flu vaccine really is.


Flu Vaccine pt. 2 – True Science of the Effectiveness of this Vaccine


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Dr Vic Manzo Jr


Wellness Advisor/Coach

Creator and Host of Wellness Smart Radio

National Speaker and Founder of BE YOUR POTENTIAL


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