The Flu Vaccine pt. 1

Fall is here and so is the massive marketing campaigns of the flu vaccine and other variety of vaccine shots.  It is amazing to me how Americans have been put in a state of fear when it comes to diseases.  We have taken an ordinary virus-causing condition and made it seem like it is the next human existence threat.  During the radio show, I present information that will allow for many individuals to make an informed decision.

Wellness Smart Radio – Flu Vaccine pt. 1

People in America make decisions when it comes to vaccines blindly and medical doctors prescribe these toxic cocktails without knowing all the information about them.  If you ever asked your medical doctor or the pharmacists at the local grocery store the scientific data on how effective these flu vaccines are to preventing the flu, let alone giving you lifetime immunity, they won’t have an answer for you.  It is not because they are not educated on the subject but because they are only informed on what vaccine and pharmaceutical companies want them to be informed on.  Is this making sense?

Check out Wellnees Smart’s Radio show as I, Dr. Vic Manzo, explain the ingredients in a flu vaccine, their effects and what is the effects of those chemicals in our blood stream.  Unitl next time…

BE well… LIVE well…  The CHOICE is yours…


Dr. Vic Manzo


Wellness Advisor/Coach

Creator and Host of Wellness Smart Radio



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