Basics of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Food

Have you ever heard of genetically modified organisms?  Do you even know what this contains?  Do you know the devastating effects of these foods in our food supply?

Genetically Modified organism foods are foods that had their genetic DNA altered.  For example, ever hear of a tomato growing in the winter seasons?  How about a zucchini or apples?  In order for this process to exist, scientists have extracted genetic material from a fish that produces a chemical that acts like “anti-freeze or ethlyene gylcol” which prevents the fish from freezing in cold, deep waters.  When putting this in the seed of a tomato, zucchini, apple, etc., this will allow the fruit or vegetable to grow during the harsh cold climates.  Sounds cool?  I agree but what are the side effects or implications of doing such a thing?  Could we grow salmon from an apple?  Possibly…

My concerns are they are putting genetically modified round up (pesticides) in these seeds so they produce these toxins within the fruit and vegetables so insects won’t eat the fruit/vegetable.  These genetically modified corporations (mainly one called, “Monsanto”) is the leading the way on this subject.  They state their toxins (pesticides) are broken down when the fruit/vegetable is grown to maturity.  Interesting enough, many independent studies are showing this is a HUGE LIE and that these toxins are never broken down.  Scary isn’t it?  What bothers me the most is, imagine pregnant mothers consuming these types of foods and these toxins going into the blood stream and affecting their newborn.  How does this affect their growth?  Organ production?  Nerve function, etc???  I have attached at the bottom of this blog some articles to get your feet wet when it comes to GMO foods and some of the political things going on right now.  To listen to more information about GMO foods, listen to my latest Radio Show on Wellness Smart Radio as I talked about the basics of GMO foods and their affect on our health!

Wellness Smart Radio – GMO Foods

Until next time…

BE well…  LIVE well…  The CHOICE is yours..

Dr. Vic Manzo


Wellness Coach

Host of Wellness Smart Radio

National Speaker and Founder of BE YOUR POTENTIAL

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