Success Story of Adding Health

I always tell people that when it comes to health, in order to regain one’s health, we must add health within one’s lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter what state your health is in, if you add health to your life, eventually, you will have it.  By adding health to your life will create the consequences to experience what health is.  And since we are all in this game called, “LIFE!”  We are in this game to WIN IT!  The only way we can is through HEALTH.  So, why not start adding healthy habits and lifestyles to your life?  If we create something into a habit, it will become our reality.  

Here is a story of someone who is very dear to me that followed the basic recommendations of adding HEALTH to their life.  She suffered from a sever thyroid condition where medical doctors were telling her how she needed to be on medication for the rest of her life and one doctor threatened her that she had the chance to die from a Myxedema Coma.  To find out the rest of her story, click on the link below…

Until next time,

BE well, LIVE well… The CHOICE is yours…


Dr Vic Manzo Jr

“Chiropractor, Wellness Coach and Host of Wellness Smart Radio”


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