Honoring Veteran Richard Love…

Every time I see someone from the military, my heart goes out to them.  I make sure I let them know, I appreciate them and thank them for what they have served our country.  Being in the army is no joke and it takes much discipline.  There is personal sacrifice.  For some, their dream was to be in the army and for this special veteran who has served in our military for 20+ years, it was just that.

I had the honor to interview bronze star, Richard Love on my radio show, “Wellness Smart Radio.”  On the show, Richard talks about his love for the army, what he went through and how the military has helped him become more humble, successful and focused in life.  Click the link below for the entire show.

Wellness Smart Radio – Honoring a Veteran and Salute to Richard Love

Until next time, Remember…

BE well, LIVE well, the CHOICE is yours…

Dr Vic Manzo


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