Honoring Veterans in July

The month of July is a month of indepedence as Americans celebrate 4th of July with food, drinks and outdoor fun! At Dimensional Family Wellness, we are honoring veterans for the entire month of July and on my radio show, “Wellness Smart Radio,” we had on a special guest who is a veteran.

We wanted to hear a personal story of what a Marine has to sacrifice and give up in order to fight for our freedom. I personally am thankful for him and all the US Military that fight for our country because it has allowed me to become a Chiropractor, a host of a radio show and allowed me to continue striving more and more to my own personal goals.

Our special guest was Matt Sapaula and to hear more about his story and what he has sacrificed for all Americans and our country, click on the link below.

Wellness Smart Radio: Honoring Veterans with Matt Sapaula

Until next time, BE well, LIVE well… The CHOICE is yours!

Dr. Vic Manzo

“Wellness Coach and Chiropractor”


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