Honoring Veteran Richard Love…

Every time I see someone from the military, my heart goes out to them.  I make sure I let them know, I appreciate them and thank them for what they have served our country.  Being in the army is no joke and it takes much discipline.  There is personal sacrifice.  For some, their dream was to be in the army and for this special veteran who has served in our military for 20+ years, it was just that.

I had the honor to interview bronze star, Richard Love on my radio show, “Wellness Smart Radio.”  On the show, Richard talks about his love for the army, what he went through and how the military has helped him become more humble, successful and focused in life.  Click the link below for the entire show.

Wellness Smart Radio – Honoring a Veteran and Salute to Richard Love

Until next time, Remember…

BE well, LIVE well, the CHOICE is yours…

Dr Vic Manzo


Honoring Veterans in July

The month of July is a month of indepedence as Americans celebrate 4th of July with food, drinks and outdoor fun! At Dimensional Family Wellness, we are honoring veterans for the entire month of July and on my radio show, “Wellness Smart Radio,” we had on a special guest who is a veteran.

We wanted to hear a personal story of what a Marine has to sacrifice and give up in order to fight for our freedom. I personally am thankful for him and all the US Military that fight for our country because it has allowed me to become a Chiropractor, a host of a radio show and allowed me to continue striving more and more to my own personal goals.

Our special guest was Matt Sapaula and to hear more about his story and what he has sacrificed for all Americans and our country, click on the link below.

Wellness Smart Radio: Honoring Veterans with Matt Sapaula

Until next time, BE well, LIVE well… The CHOICE is yours!

Dr. Vic Manzo

“Wellness Coach and Chiropractor”

Chiropractic Myth #10: You Will Have To Continue Chiropractic Care For The Rest Of Your Life

Chiropractors promote preventative care to help their patients avoid pain, disease and sickness in their patients.

After getting their patients out of acute pain, they usually recommend their patients return for checkups.  This is equivalent to a dentist recommending checkups to help their patients prevent cavities and gum disease.  The preventative approach in health care has been gaining large support in the medical community and with insurance because it has been proven to be cost and health effective in the long term. Chiropractic checkups are safe, convenient, quick and natural and prevent complicated problems in the future. Many patients see changes in their energy, immune function, sleep patterns and general well being with chiropractic care, but it always is your choice on how often you see your Chiropractor.

As I always ask my own practice members (patients) that have been in care for some time and all their symptoms have resided, they are sleeping better, more energy, sharper mind, and just feeling like a million bucks, the question is, “How long do you want to live like that?”  If you want to feel like this for a lifetime, then Chiropractic for a lifetime is for you.

“Chiropractic adds years to your life and life to your years!”

We are in this game called, “LIFE” and we are in it to WIN IT!  The only way we win in life is through our HEALTH!  Maximize your health and you maximize your life.  What amazes me most about man is, we sacrifice our health to achieve wealth, then we sacrifice our wealth to gain back our health…  In the end, we have nothing.  I don’t want to see people suffer in this paradigm.  I want to see people thrive in this life rather than survive.  Without health, what do you have?  What can you do with your goals, dreams, aspirations, hobbies, if you don’t have your health?  How is your time with your family, friends, kids if you have no health?  Focus on what is most important, YOUR HEALTH, and your health will help you make you rich, live a prosperous life and allow your unique light to be expressed to the world!

Until next time,



Vic Manzo Jr D.C.