Chiropractic Myth #6: Cracking your Knuckles will give you Arthritis

There was a study done to see if there was a correlation between one developing osteoarthrits and cracking their knuck

les on their hands.  The participants included 15 people who cracked their knuckles and 13 who did not crack

their knuckles.  Of the 15 that did crack their knuckles only 1 showed arthritic changes. On the contrary, 5 of the 13 who did not crack their knuckles showed that they had arthritic changes in their hands.  This shows that joints receive a therapeutic effect from an adjustment.  This is because the movement of the joint back into place allows the joint itself to get nourishment from the exchange of gases .  It also allows the fluid and gases of the joint capsule to move and not stay stagnant, which also helps decrease the arthritic formation.  Also, an adjustment helps remove toxins that build up in the joint which causes inflammation which leads to arthritis overtime.
When we allow for toxins or an acid environment to not be cleansed out of a joint, it will only create inflammation around the joint and surrounding areas which will eventually result in arthritis or joint pain.  Even though, inflammation markers in the blood are not detected with someone who has osteoarthritis, a diet that is anti-inflammatory or consume supplements that aid in anti-inflammation (like high quality fish oils), are shown to decrease the pain in arthritic joints and help with someone who suffers from osteoarthritis.

Until next time,



Vic Manzo Jr D.C


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