Chiropractic Myth #4: Spinal Adjustments are Painful…

People usually feel instant relief after a spinal adjustment.  Patients tend to get off the table feeling more relaxed,

 higher energy, out of discomfort/pain . Patients that are in an acute pain level sometimes experience pain during the actual adjustment because any movement during the acute phase causes them pain, but after the treatment they usually feel relief and a decrease in the pain level.


The analogy I always use is, “Have you ever hit your thumb with a hammer?”  What is the first thing that you do after hitting your thumb?  Exactly!  You pull back and shake your hand.  And does that relieve the pain?  Yes!  How does this relate to your spine?  A lack of motion within the spine increase the chances of experience pain.  Once we input motion within the spine, pain decreases.  Within the nervous system, the more motion we put into the spi
Going to a chiropractor for just pain is like buying the best smartphone in the world and only using it for phone calls.  You are not utilizing every single benefit you can get from Chiropractic nor your very nice smartphone.  Now, if you utilize Chiropractic for Wellness, for overall health and vitality, you are using your smartphone for social media, email, texting, internet, GPS, restaurants, travel, work, etc.   Which would you want?ne, the more it shuts off pain fibers which means LESS TO NO MORE PAIN!  This is why Chiropractic is so effective with pain but it is more effective on the overall health of one’s body!


Until next time,

Vic Manzo Jr D.C.


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