Anger Fueling It Into Action…

Ever see something done upon someone and couldn’t do anything to help?  Or how about an issue that people are just blind to?  My fuel got started yesterday when I see a baby who is perfectly happy, ecstatic, smiling and just full of joy and the next day, find out he receives two shots for his recommended scheduled vaccines and I hold the baby in my hand, irritable, warm, twitching, cannot stay still and just uneasy with loud bursts of cries.  It fueled me and woke something up in me that I will not back down.  It has fired me up so much, and it had to happen in my own home, within my own family.  As I look at how helpless this baby is, all I can think of is all the babies that are fed this junk as the medical establishment continues to fuel this poison into our babies.  How about the babies that created autistic symptoms after having a vaccine?  How about the many infants that DIED after having vaccines and what the poor parents, what they thought was the right thing to do, have to go through that emotional turmoil and blame themselves for the next years to come?  What about the lower IQs that are created from vaccines?  What about the decreased immune system or the injected cancer viruses that are within this toxic cocktails?  The foreign proteins?  Aborted fetal tissue?  Harmful metals like mercury, aluminum, lead?  How about having anti-freeze or formaldehyde within these toxic cocktails?  This is poisoning humanity…

When we will wake up?  When we, as humans, as a society as a whole, stand up and question the establishment?  We give authority to the one thing that all people would die for, our children, our future…  We sacrifice everything for them, even our happiness.  When will WE together, challenge them?  Hell, challenge everything…  I even tell my own practice members, CHALLENGE ME… ASK the questions WHY WHY WHY WHY?  I want them to know exactly what is going on, the process and why I recommend it…  To see an infant, helpless and cannot do anything for itself except suffer, IS NOT AN OPTION in my book.  It is sad to say, it had to happen in my own home to see something like this.  As I held this baby in my arms, held him with my hands, I did the most intense energy work I have ever done in my life.  I prayed to the archangels Ralphael, Michael and Metatron.  I reached out to the ascended master Jesus and Kuthami.  I prayed to my guardian angels and spiritual guides to guide my hands and use my body as a conduit.  I gave the most powerful adjustment I could ever give to this little guy.

I said to myself, Lord, God, Angels, Ascended Masters, ArchAngels…  I pull all the light within and help this little guy break the barriers that were FORCED upon him to limit his potential.  My stomach turned as I felt the baby’s pain.  As the time went on, he laid their calm.  He was not moving as much.  He held my hands for about 15 minutes and wouldn’t let go.  He was looking up at me and just stared.  He felt at peace.  As I let him rest, I made it a vow that this will not ever happen on my watch with my family… My family consist of my friends, my family, my practice members…  No one should ever be limited to what their potential is.  And this will not be done to my lil nephew.

I stand for humanity.  My tools of what I use to stand up for humanity is Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation, Mind-Body connection (besides just chiropractic) and Holistic Energy Work.  Without your health, you have put a limit on your life, your purpose and your light.  Without health, you cannot live your potential and express your light upon the world.  You cannot reach the highest of what you can achieve without having 100% health.  Without health, what do you have?  It doesn’t matter if you have millions, billions or trillions…  Without your health, you will be spending all of that money to attempt to regain your health.  We live in a world where it is all about limiting who you are and not allowing you to express your unique talent.  People may mock you and make fun of you if you take a step outside your comfort zone.  I say, the one’s who mock are the ones who do not have the strength, courage and will to take that step.  The one’s who mock are the ones who cannot do.  They are the one’s in the stands, watching a basketball game and acting like they are an expert and could do better.  Do not let anyone limit who you are or what you do.

In conclusion, regardless if it is your health, a purpose in life, your potential, striving to be better than who you are or living a purpose life that is beyond what you could measure, NEVER and I mean, NEVER, let anyone limit yourself.  You are a spiritual being living a human experience on the playground called, “Earth.”  There is something called, “The Human Factor,” that is unpredictable, immeasurable and limitless.  It cannot be determined to what degree the heart can  expand to.  Quantum physics states this.  My creed to you is, “Let no one limit you.  Stand for what you believe.  Live your life purposefully.  People will mock you.  They will make fun of you.  Do not back down.  Stand up.  If you fall down, get back up.”  As Rocky Balboa said, “It is not about how hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”  How much you can take and keep moving forward.  This is how winning and success is.  The model of success is following your passion and heart.  Being committed to what you desire and never backing down.  Knowing within your mind, it will happen, one way or another and along the journey, no matter how difficult it may be, it is all tests to challenge you to prepare you for the quest you desire.  Have no fear, let go, just be and surrender to all and you will get there.  Difference between successful people and non is the successful one’s do what the unsuccessful one’s won’t do.”

After the episode with my nephew and then this morning watching the movie, “The Condemned,” it fired me up beyond belief and I felt I had to share this with the world.  By the way, my lil nephew Joey woke up today a new baby.  He was smiling, not crying much and what brought a tear to my eye is when I put him in my arms, he looked at me with a smile.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  The establishments of GREED may harm humanity to gain their profits, but they can never win against the LIGHT.  And I am, as we all, are pure light from the divine and the power of the sun resides within our heart.  Unleash it!  Have faith and know you can move worlds as long as you believe it…   Until next time…

A Human Being with a purpose…



Dr Vic Manzo



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