What is Wellness?

We constantly hear this word but what does it truly mean?  In the Chiropractic profession, there are many different “groups” attempting to define what wellness is.  They all have their own definition.  In the Chiropractic Lifestyle, it has been told it is based upon three main factors: Physical Health, Chemical Health, Mental/Emotional Health.  These three dimensions of the body make up the spirit/soul.   These factors are what determine one’s health and through these three dimensions, is where wellness is born.  But, what breaks down the physical, the chemical, the mental/emotional?  What are the avenues of all of these?

I started asking myself these questions in the past 3 weeks and finally decided to write a book about these factors of wellness.  My blog posts from here on out will be based upon what is wellness.  I am attempting to take on something that has not been fully defined.  I am using sources of spiritual text, quantum physics, laws of vibration/frequency/attraction, chiropractic philosophy and laws of the body to achieve this task.  I will attempt to answer all the questions in full so that the reader can read the book and truly have a map, an outline on how to achieve wellness.  I will have endless resources, research and exercises to help you along the path.

Previously, I was writing a book about the power of the mind and how we are programmed.  But, since deciding to write a book on wellness, I finally decided that, I could use what I have been writing in my mental/emotional component of the book and add the rest of my knowledge that I know and apply it to a vast media.  I have even teamed up with a guru in his profession which I will do a video blog with him in the next month or two and be talking about the integral role of what he does and how it plays an affect in the wellness spectrum.

I am so excited about this book and will be finished by the end of September and hopefully be released to the public sometime around Jan 2013.  Keep an eye out and continue to follow the blog and share with friends.  I will be adding wonderful health tips, mental tips, physical tips and so much more!  Until next time, Namaste!!!!!!!

Dr. Vic Manzo




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