In life, we always have to make choices.  Everyday we make a choice.  From the moment to decide if we will hit the snooze button on our alarm to brushing our teeth, going to work and what to eat for dinner.  Choices are always surrounding us.  My new philosophy I have started that helps me become more present with a choice is asking myself these two questions, “How will I look back on this choice 5 years from now and do the choices I make today serve the highest good?” Notice that with these two questions, the first talks about you on an individual level but the second question is based upon the overall good for humanity.  It is not about the overall good for oneself as most may focus on but overall human consciousness.

You see, every choice we make, not only effects our world, but the map of the human consciousness.  Every choice we make helps raise the vibration of humanity or lowers it.  Some may have low self-worth/esteem issues and say, “There is no way my little choices that I make today can have such an exponential effect.”  I am here to tell you that, YOU DO!!!  Human beings are powerful beyond measure.  As a doctor, the most amazing thing in the entire world that always interests me all the time is a single living cell.  Inside that cell has a nucleus that contains all your genetic makeup.  It contains all life and is a living, breathing organism.  When we put all these cells together, we have YOU!  The amazing, powerful, living, breathing, unique expression of LIFE!  These little cells may seem small and the sum of their “choices” make up the health and function of your body.

So, since every choice you make is either bringing the consciousness of humanity to a higher level or to a lowered one is based upon YOUR choices!  You cannot control the choices of others.  You can only control your own.  This is the MAIN reason why I always tell people, if you want to transform the world, transform yourself.  If you want world peace, create peace within you.  If you want to heal the world, heal yourself.  If you want to create a more loving world, then BE the example of LOVE to all life.  It starts with YOU!

I have learned through life that, no matter what, I cannot heal the world.  As much as I continue to mature my gifts and help be a catalyst to every person I lay my hands on, I cannot heal the world.  But, what I have learned is, if I continue the journey to heal my heart, mind and soul, it allows me to vibrate at a higher frequency and with that, gives me the opportunity to be more of an effective catalyst for others.  The true healer is not me or any other doctor.  The true healer is YOU!

Every time you are making a choice, ask yourself, does this serve the highest good for humanity?  This will help you raise the bar for humanity so others do not have to suffer and eventually, help the world reach a vibration that supports all life and invaginates true LOVE through us all!  Talk about TRUE POWER!!!


Vic Manzo Jr DC



2 thoughts on “Choices…

  1. slklesko says:

    Beautiful post and so true. We have no idea how our choices effect the bigger picture around us.

  2. slklesko says:

    I have nominated you for a blogging award: check out the details at

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