Facing the Facts…

In life, we have a tendency to become attached to an outcome or image that we desire.  Tony Robbins states that when you are depressed with your life, it is because one or two things; Your Life Situations or Your Blueprint…  Dr. DeMartini states, “When one is depressed, one has an unrealistic expectation of life.”  Today, I will be talking about the blueprint.  Your blueprint is what you expected things to be.  It is the outcome you desire.  As the more you don’t achieve your blueprint, the more stress and frustration that occurs within.  And the more energy you put into achieving what you desire, the more pain and suffering one only experiences.  Have you done this before?  I know I have…

Today, I wanted to share a wonderful lesson that I have learned.  It has been an amazing week with friends and family showing much love and with that, it has given me the energy to obtain much insight.  So, in life, when you continue to seek for what you desire and it only creates more frustration and suffering, FIRST thing to do is, LET GO… Detach yourself from the desired outcome.  Let it go and just accept WHAT IS AS WHAT IT IS.  This is the first step and one of the hardest.  The mind will tell you, how can you let that go?  That person did this?  And the mind will go and use past events to prove itself to be right BUT one shall just let it go.  The more you do that, the less stress you will feel.  Letting go is like putting a high, HIGH temperature to chocolate; it will just melt everything away!

So as anything, the most important step is always the hardest one.  After you have let go, you have gain so much energy back.  This energy is what you were using to do whatever possible to obtain that IMAGE you wanted.  All the emotional roller coasters that come with attempting to obtain the IMAGE.  From there, you just gave yourself liberation and now, will be able to use that energy to focus on yourself, create the magnetism to attract what you truly want and not use things by force but by nature.  Universal laws do not work well with force.  Universal Laws only work when one sets their intent of what they desire and does not think about it again.  From that path, one will just focus on BEING the person they need to be in order to become the vibration to attract what they desire.  In other words, you need to BE the person you desire in order to attract what you desire.

From all this melting and extra energy you will have, it gives you the opportunity to ACCEPT THE THINGS of WHAT IS rather than WHAT ISN’T.  You will say, this is how things are with these rules and what I am asking for.  I will get more in depth in one of my next few blogs about what we desire has rules and a role we should play in order to obtain.  If we are not being the essence of what we desire, we shall never obtain the greatness of what one seeks for.

In conclusion, in life… Sometimes you have to let go and accept the reality of WHAT IS instead of being attached to an image of what YOU desire. Once you accept the reality, the stress melts off. From there, you can focus your energy on WHAT IS rather than WHAT ISN”T…

Save yourself the headaches, the worries, the depression and let go of the FEAR of never obtaining what you desire.  When you start to focus your energy on awareness, you will see that you have everything you need in this present time to obtain and create what you desire for the future…


Dr Victor Manzo Jr



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