The Way of the Universe

I live by a philosophy that there should always be a give and take.  In relationships, I always state that everything should be 50/50.  Never should it go one way or the other.  Some may feel to argue or disagree with that statement.  I believe that when you are in disharmony with the laws of the universe, you are in disharmony with yourself.  Why go against the laws of the universe when the laws of the universe reside within you?  In the universe, there is always an action and a reaction.  No matter what happens, in our world that we call planet Earth, everything has a give and take.  No matter how bad something is, we always gain from it.  No matter how cheated we are, much suffering we go through, faced with a terminal disease, there is always something gained from it!

Do you believe that there is no opposite in the world?  Or do you believe everything has opposites?  In the universe, everything is always in balance.  No matter how bad something maybe in your life, there is already something at the same magnitude that is good.  It is the same thing when it comes to giving vs receiving.  In relationships, we always end up sacrificing many different things.  One of the most precious things we sacrifice is our happiness.  I never understood why until recent days and I realized how it can harm one’s mind, body and soul.  In relationships, there will be one who gives and one who takes.  What creates harmony in a relationship is when the giving is equal to the receiving.  When one is giving too much, they are giving their happiness away.  In the end, they are only harming themselves and creating the consequences of anger, fear and pride.

On the other token, receiving and not giving as much will also create harm within someone at a specific time.  They will start to not appreciate the greatness that they have with them, take things for granted and be very demanding.  At the end of the day, it will create emptiness within the heart for when one receives too much.  They are only feeding their ego and not opening up their heart enough.  Eventually, the person who receives most of the time, will become an energy drainer and soak up the energy of the relationship.  I sometimes believe the one who takes more is someone who is truly unhappy and instead of dealing with their internal pain of unhappiness, they look for eternal happiness to fulfill the void within.

Does any of these two scenarios sound like you have experienced something like this before?  I have been on both ends of the stick with relationships and they are not the greatest feeling in the world.  But what I have realized is, when you are in harmony with give and take, it allows not only for the mind to open but the heart also.  It allows for the sacral chakra (Sex chakra) to open up and allow for creativity to be within the relationship.  Relationships are never perfectly balance and this is why mindfulness/present time consciousness within a relationship is essential for it to bloom like a gorgeous flower.  It is allowing yourself to let go of all fear and allowing TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, to flow within you and out through you.

In closing, I must say that regardless of where you are in a relationship and one person is the giver and the other is the receiver (no sexual pun intended), and damage is already begun or has been happening for quite some time, there is still an opportunity to regain the relationship to the status that you desire.  It takes much discipline but it can happen.  I cannot write on all the avenues and aspects that relate to quantum physics, laws of frequency and so forth within this blog, but the main concept I wanted to talk about is how to be in HARMONY with the UNIVERSE and do not get out of sync.  The Divine has created this program we call life, this dream, to learn from the external.  We learn from how the universe works.  We learn from the laws of the Earth and our own bodies.  These laws were put there for guidance and to help us reconnect to who we are and to return to our natural state.  The universe is perfect and chaotic at the same time.  But it is only chaotic to the EGO mind.  When you take the world Uni-Verse – it means ONE SONG.  Together as humanity, we create that ONE SONG.  We all play our part and going against these laws will create disharmony in the song.  Just one instrument out of tune, messes up the entire song.  Be in harmony with the Universe and with yourself.  Let your unique chord resonate into the heavens so you can reconnect oneself back to your GREATNESS.

Dr. Vic Manzo DC


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