You Have Mind Disease…

Ever meet or see someone and say there is definitely something wrong with them?  Or attempt to understand one person’s logic to only come to the conclusion they have it all wrong or “messed” up?  In our society, we all have been given a mind disease.  We all have been infected by this parasite that leeks the two things we all seek: Love and Happiness.  You see, no matter what life situation you are experiencing, there is always 100% love being given to you and around you.  Some may see the world as life taking but others see it as life giving.  The UNIVERSE is always giving and nurturing.  It gives us EXACTLY what we desire and want.  That is why some may say, “Be careful of what you wish for/think of.”

A parasite of the mind all began when we were brought into this world.  It was passed down from our parents and family.  It has been programmed into our subconscious and this is the life we will fulfill.  This is why we see families have similar diseases.  If my mother and grandmother had cancer, I am going to end up with it also.  This is one of the biggest lies the medical world has been telling the public.  Think about this for a second.  If you have been given something that will continue to create the same poison that your mother has experienced her whole life that her mother had, don’t you think it will create the same circumstances for you as it did for them?  Now, if you see with the same eyes as your mother has, don’t you think you will manifest the same conditions as they did?

If you are wondering, how does one solve or remove the parasite within?  In order to do this, one must nurture the seeds of happiness, love and joy.  Don’t feed your fear.  In life, there are two emotions, Love and Fear.  Everything that is positive comes from love and everything that is negative comes from Fear.  Fear is what feeds your parasite and makes it stronger.  If you believe you are not good enough, the parasite will help you focus on things that will show, you are not good enough so you can continue to feed that fear.  The more you feed the parasite, the harder it becomes to get rid of.

Liberation of the mind is through removing the parasite from within.  What were your thoughts today?  Did they resemble love or fear?  What do you plan to change that will help shift your mind, body and soul towards LOVE and away from FEAR?  Feed the seeds of love within…  Here are a few basic, simple steps in order to help create the shift today!


1. Breathing – When you feel the emotions, negative thoughts, fear developing, take 3 minutes and do this

a. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths (mindful breaths) by expanding your stomach out when you breath in and contracting your stomach when you breath out.  The goal is to take 2 full breaths (1 in, 1 out) per minute.  It takes much time but this will develop with practice.  By doing this, you stop feeding the FEAR when it is brought to consciousness.

2. Focus and Attention: When an emotion stemmed from FEAR comes up, say this little affirmation that will help you embrace instead of resist it.

a. This pain/fear I am experiencing at this moment, may I embrace and accept my feelings.  I love my mind and may the love within my heart heal this past experience.

3.  Meditation:  I am a big advocate for meditation.  I practice at least 3-5 times per week.  On some weeks, it may be 2 times per day.  Meditation is a path that helps dive deep within.  What I find odd is many people are afraid to find out exactly who they are.  We are not afraid of the dark but the light within us.  We are afraid to accept the greatness of who we are.  When we have a painful experience or fear be brought to the present and the first two don’t work, take time to meditate and just focus on the emotion and let whatever flows into thought BE and not judge.  When you create a still mind, it creates a still body and that will allow for intuition to open.

Remember, all the situations we face in our life, stem from our childhood.  I always tell people that when you are facing a situation, argument with your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, friend, family, etc., that the issue at that present moment is actually an issue from when you were a child.  And from the wounded child created a wounded adult.  Until we heal our wounds, the disease of the mind will always exist in you.

The reason why many people don’t heal their wounds is because of the energy and effort it takes to heal them.  But like anything that you put energy into, healing these wounds will liberate your heart and mind and allow for all the love that you have within to emit into the world.  Imagine if everyone healed the emotional wounds within, how would the world be?  How much love would be expressed between one another?  To transform the world, we must TRANSFORM ourselves FIRST!  In order to transform ourselves, we see the entire world and react in an entirely different way.  Then from there, you allow the opportunity for others to heal just as you did!  Be the change you desire to see the world!

Abundance in LOVE and LIGHT!


Dr. Victor Manzo Jr.


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