Our Mind pt. 2

We have two minds.  We have our subconscious mind and our conscious mind.  Our subconcious mind is the program that constantly running regardless of what we do.  It is the one program that makes us reactionary.  This the program that utilizes our 5 senses when it comes to life situations.  It is what we allow to program within our mind.  For example, if someone says you are lazy, it is up to you to accept that as truth and program that in your subconscious mind.  Then, when it comes to doing things in life and not getting much done, you will realize one day, it is because you programmed yourself to believe you are lazy.  You are lazy to workout.  You are lazy to finish your chores, etc.  It is the same thing as saying, I never have enough time to do things.  After you have said that enough times, you end up programming that statement as truth into your subconscious mind.  When this occurs, now everything you do in your life will never have enough time.  You will constantly be seeking more time to get things done.  It is amazing on what we say and do that programs our minds.  Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief,” states that if you were told something between the ages of 3-6 years old that was not a positive remark, it will be automatically programmed into your subconscious mind and will play a huge role on your life.

When I first heard Dr. Lipton make this statement, it reminded me of the time when I was doing some unprogramming of my mind and was looking for the biggest program that continued to run without me knowing.  As I searched deep into my past, I found a time where I experienced something at 4 years old that made me feel, “I was not good enough.”  It also gave me an experience that, I, was not like everyone else.  When I revealed these two past feelings and emotions that were buried into my subconscious mind, there was an awakening of this moment.  I saw my life flash through my eyes and felt how my program was running without me ever knowing it.  It was how I shaped my world.  How I saw and perceived my parents to being who they are to me.  It was how I handled myself in relationships.  It was how I interacted in school.  I never liked to answer questions because I felt I was not good enough and didn’t want to feel the pain when I was wrong.  Little did I know, teachers were always amazed on how much I understood the material but never understood why I would answer the questions outloud.  As I started to do public speaking, I always was worried about saying something or being perfect on what I wanted to say.  This doesn’t allow my heart to open up and pour out to others.  As I mature and continue to re-program my mind, I am learning how to transform my approach to life.
I must say, it is an amazing, liberating feeling when you have the opportunity to re-program your mind.  You can program it to whatever you desire.  My next blog will follow on how to re-program your mind.  But as we continue, I want to ask you a few questions…..

1. What program is running in the background of your mind?

2. Who is in charge of your programming?

3. Are you allowing others to program you? Or are you being the programmer?

4. Are you depositing good, high vibrational thoughts into your program or low, negative thoughts?

5. Sit back and ask yourself, what are the top 20 things I love about myself?  If this is difficult, there is some un-programming that needs to be done…

6. Write down a list of things that you don’t like about your life…

7. Write down a list of emotions you feel at this moment (positive or negative)


As we continue on with the mind, we will talk about how to unprogram your mind and allow you to program the mind as you desire.  You see, your subconscious is always running and regardless of what you do, it will continue to run.  What matters most is what you feed into it.  It is like an old native American saying…

There are two types of wolves within each of us.  There is an evil wolf that is about being negative, judgmental, isolating, angry, frustrated, greedy, selfish, and so forth.  The other wolf is a good wolf that is loving, caring, nurturing, optimistic, positive, open-minded, happy, joyful, etc.  These two wolves are always constantly fighting within.  Which wolf do you think will win?

The answer to the question is, the wolf that will win is the one that YOU feed… It is the one that you put into the program.  It is the one that you focus your energy on and give life to.  Focusing your thoughts and being the observer of your life helps filter what you want and don’t want in your life.  We will cover this more in depth on the next blog…  Until next time…

Many blessings!  Namaste…

Dr. Victor Manzo Jr.



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