The Unique Chord

May 26th, 2011

Be who you are and not what others want you to be.  Project the true essence of you regardless of what others say.  Many people always believe they are right and what they do is the right way.  We often push our values upon someone else and state this is what it should be and if it is not congruent with our value system, we judge it.  Most of people’s judgments will affect you at some given time, especially if you are jumping out there on a whim or trying something new.  My message to you is, BE who you are and let your essence shine.  There will always be someone who will put you down, make fun of you or be your critic.  Instead of letting them steal your energy, harness the energy they are giving off to you and transform that into inspiration to do more of what you do.  I constantly see people get put down by the one’s they love (friends and family).  Do not let another judge you or create the “path” for you.  You are the creator of your life and no matter what, you are a unique being with unique talents, skills and creativity.  Others will not be able to understand where you come from because you are unique in your own way just as two snowflakes are not alike.

Jesus was judged by many in his time.  Over 90% of people did not agree nor believe what he said.  They went against him and society was against his word.  If Jesus was judged by many, who are we to say we are different and shouldn’t be judged?  Do not fall for acceptance of others because if one does, you are putting your values and dreams to the side to have others like you.  Ignite that unique flame within and brighten this world with the magical gifts that you have.  My message to others is always, “If you are living in this time of a global shift in consciousness for humanity and the planet, you were chosen to be here to let your unique light shine bright onto the world for the sake of humanity.”  Humanity together is one verse, one song.  We all play our part in the song but only working together, we can create the harmonious sounds that heal and are heard in the heavens.  Start today by finding out what you are passionate about.  Finding out that one thing that no matter what happens to you, no matter what people take from you or pressure you, you will continue to do what you love to do.  As I love Chiropractic and no matter what happens, I will always practice Chiropractic because in my heart, I know through Chiropractic, it brings a better tomorrow for humanity!  Until next time, NAMASTE!

Dr. Vittorio Manzo Jr


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