Quality or Quantity of Life?

Posted Dec 10th, 2010

Today in society, we choose the quantity of life rather than the quality. My question to you is what you would rather have: A life full of quality or a life full of quantity? Would you rather want to live to 100 years old with a poor quality of life or live to a life of 70 with a full quality of life? What do you think most Americans choose? What do you think is the one that has us in a health crisis where the United States health status continues to go down in ranks year after year? Let us put things into perspective. The United States population only makes up 5% of the world’s population but consume 62% of the world’s drugs. (5) Our health status ranked 37th out of 42 (3). The lower the number means worse health. The question to ask is, if our health care system is true health care, than why are we not ranked number one? Is the medical model set and designed for true health care? Let us put one more thing into perspective. Did you know that the United States ranked number one when it comes to emergency care? We have the top technology when it comes to emergency health care. Would we say, that the medical model is more designed for emergency care than health care? You see, the medical model only has two methods in their model: drugs and surgeries. They can only detect diseases and illnesses and provide only drugs and surgery to solve the condition. So, what does this mean?

Cancer takes anywhere from 8 to 20 years to develop before it is detected within the body. It takes four billion cancer cells to exist in the body before we can detect it with the best technology we have today. One’s liver would have to be 60% damaged before we can detect liver enzymes in the blood. It determines that the medical model is not true health care but sick care. They can only detect things when the problem already exists. Therefore, why do we put our life in the hands of a model that only detects one who is already sick? This is, “SICK CARE,” and is not true health care. True health care provides health, vitality and wholeness. The medical model does nothing near this.

Did you know that there is only 1 out of 10,000 people in the United States that are not on a medication past the age of 60. Average medication people are on in nursing homes is eleven medications. Do you think taking eleven medications a day provides true health care? Give your child the eleven medications grandma is on and let us see how their health is within 10 years. It does anything but that. Did you ever wonder why a medication has side effects? In addition, what’s funny is, they will prescribe medications for some of the side effects. As we continue to over medicate ourselves, we continue to decrease our overall health. We continue to live longer as we find new technology to prolong life but what that truly means is we are decreasing our quality of life for the quantity of life. People, who passed away at the age of 80, truly started dying at the age of 60. What this means is, the disease, illness, dying process started 20 years before this person died. It took 20 years of the body breaking down to have disease or illness is detectable in the body. As you understand, disease is a process and not something that happens instantaneously.

So, since we understand what a quantity of life is, what determines a quality of life? Well, first off, it is not in the medical model. It is the alternative health care or what I would call, “TRUE HEALTH CARE,” that promotes life and health. There is one profession that will increase someone’s quality of life and that is Chiropractic. You see, Chiropractic is the profession that is the foundation to health and vitality. The philosophy and model of Chiropractic is about improving the quality of life of every human being. Chiropractic helps increase the function of the human body. Increase the function of the human body and you will have a higher quality of life, vitality and wholeness. Function is what determines health and no other profession works directly with the wisdom of the body than Chiropractic. Chiropractic is design to increase a person’s quality of life so they adapt better to their lifestyle stresses and environment. If you can adapt better to stress and process it properly, how much healthier would you be? If you can naturally decrease or adapt better to your daily stresses, do you think this will help improve your quality of life, health and well-being? Chiropractic care improves and maximizes the potential of the human body to express itself the way it is design naturally.
You see, the medical model sells sickness. If you believe the sicknesses that they sell, you will purchase the drugs they offer. Let us look at the process of birth. The medical model has sold us that it is very crucial to have a birth at a hospital since there are so many risks involved. I speak of this as a selling aspect. For the past 40,000 years, humanity has been giving birth without hospitals, C-sections, epidurals, medications and so forth and we did just fine. Did you know that the United States has one of the lowest birth rates and we use the least amount of mid wives? Did you know most countries in Africa have the top birth rates compared to the world? The United States is the second worst in the world when it comes to birth rates. Would we say it is due to lack of technology or have we taken something that is pure and natural and decided to make it appear as something horrific and a high risk for the new born and mother? Let us look at bacteria. Anti-biotics have been around for 60+ years and bacteria have been around for millions of years. Which one would you rather trust? Let me just say that, there are more bacteria cells in our body than the accumulation of cells that make up who we are. In other words, we have about 75 trillion cells (Depending who you read) that make up our body and within our digestive system, we have close to 100 trillion bacteria cells. My question to you is, “Is bacteria truly harmful to us or just something to sell us more anti-septic, anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizers and much more? If we look into the business of selling disease, we will see that with every condition consist of a huge money market. I could write all day on this but just wanted to show you a few examples of how Big Pharma sells you diseases and when you believe, they have the drugs for each condition.

So, how do you life a full quality of life? First is the foundation to your health and that is function. Chiropractic care affects and improves the function of the human body. Second, is diet and exercise. What we put into our body is broken down into the raw materials that build our physical body. Exercise helps on all levels of mental, emotional, physical and chemical. There are 62+ benefits to exercise. Fourth would be positive mindset. The way we think and how we perceive the world plays a huge part on our health. When we think negative, it brings down our immune system. When we are depressed, we will have depressed cells. The last is a good night’s rest. Sleep is recharging the battery and to get a full charge each night, you will need about 7 to 9 hours a sleep. If you don’t get a full night’s rest, how do you feel in the morning? How are you functioning throughout your day? How is your mental clarity? These all are affected and more when you do not get proper adequate sleep. Remember, you can CHOOSE health over disease by utilizing these five concepts on health. If you do so, you will feel amazing, perceive the world different, have an increase of your quality of life, live a full life until your last day without SUFFERING. You won’t have to be suffering for 20 years before you pass on in this lifetime. You can life an amazing life and one day, when your time is up, move on back to the spiritual world. I would love to live at 98 and still do all the things I love and I will be a living proof of that and so can you. The wisdom of the body is waiting to express itself. The body will always heal itself as long as it does not have interference. The power of the body heals the body every single time! Start maximizing your life to the fullest and experience a life that you could only dream!

Abundant blessings in gratitude and love!

Victor Manzo Jr., D.C.
“Wellness Chiropractor”

Article About Decrease on the Quality of our Lives…

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