Our Mind – Part 1

Posted Aug. 5th, 2011

The mind is so powerful.  It is amazing what we can do with our own mind.  We are still baffled about what the mind can do and the limitless capabilities.  What is so great also can hide us from our true self. It can block the light of who we are.  The design of this was not something that existed before.  Ego is something we hear about and it gets a bad rap but one’s ego is perfect on how it operates.  You see, one’s ego is only designed for survival.  Without ego, none of us would be here today.  Ego is what helped humanity evolve to know what is good to eat and what will kill us.  It has helped shape our world.  Ego has helped us evolve to a civilization that we are today.  Without ego, none of this would happen.

Through evolution of the mind, ego now sees the world in a state of survival.  For example, ego has caused us separation, isolation, fear, and the need to control our environment.  We expect outcomes instead of what blessings are behind what is at hand.  We have allowed our own mind to take control instead of keeping the mind and heart in balance.  I relate this towards allopathic (medical) vs vitalistic (alternative).  The medical model has bombarded our health system and stated they provide health and wellness.  What that has done in return is, created more sickness, illnesses and the biggest player, cost trillions of dollars in health that truly doesn’t work.  The mind is the same way.  It will do things that will trick you to think it is the best for you but all it will end up doing is taking up more energy and pulling you away farther from the truth, the source, from the I AM or essence of your being.  The mind has now created you to isolate and reject others.  When you feel anger, frustration, fear, or resentment, one has feelings of resistance.  Most of our own anger is caused by resisting or letting go of something.  If one can create awareness to the amount of energy EGO soaks up, we will realize it takes away from our own manifestation.  It takes away from our magnetism.  If you ever seen the light of a 7 year old child, you can see spirit.  You can see the true essences within a child.  By the time they reach 12 years old, something changed.  Emotionally, physically and spiritually.  They start to isolate, reject and categorize their life.  And the thing is, they are not at fault for this.  Before 7 years old, one’s educated mind is not starting to develop but when they reach 7 years old, education or form, starts to become the ruler of their mind.  When form is all that is surrounding them, their mind and the ego will evolve to who they are.  Form is what attracts the mind.  This is how TV, media, billboards and so forth, control our mind and our mind takes it as truth.  These things are the software that program our minds to think, believe and act in specific ways.  It is not the fault of the child but the sad truth is, it happens.  From there, isolation starts and a pain body starts to grow.

Know one thing and one thing only.  You do not know nor understand a person no matter how long you have been with them or around them.  You do not know anything.  When you surrender to believing you know all, it opens up the door to new knowledge, experiences and information.  This is stepping away from your ego.  EGO believes it knows all things.  Ego defines and limits everything around itself in order to create isolation.  Ego makes up for the 0.00000000000000000000001% of the information that you currently know and the maximum of what your brain can comprehend.  Now, take this percentage into reality.  That means we basically don’t know nothing regardless of how much information, schooling, knowledge and so forth that we may contain.  In consciousness technology, the mind can only vibrate at a level of 499 out of 1000.  Spiritual mind starts at 500 which is also the vibration of love.  The mind cannot understand spirituality nor love nor the essence of thy being.  It is the same as the left brain compared to the right brain.  Left brain can only compute 7 bits +/-2 bits per second where the right brain can compute 7 million bits per second.  The left brain is our mind, or what I call the physical essence of our being and the right brain is our spiritual essence.  One is just as important as the other.  Together, one can reach enlightenment by breaking down thy barriers.  But if one is over dominating the other, they both have their own downfalls.

In conclusion for this part one of many, take a moment each day and see where do you resist things.  Where do you not want to do something, talk to someone, not like someone or get to know someone.  Where in your life do you live in fear?  What do you fear?  Realize that all fear is an illusion.  Fear is an illusion made up by the mind created by the EGO.  Fear is something that will reap the life energy of yourself and not let you achieve greatness.  Find out what you fear and what you resist.  From there, we can talk about how fear is controlling our life and what steps we can do to break these walls that we have created for ourselves.  Until next time, much blessings in light and love

Victor Manzo Jr. D.C.


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