Facing the Mirrors…

Posted July 18th, 2011

In today’s era, we are seeing much emotional turmoil.  We are seeing relationships breaking up, economic crisis’s, the increase of fear within our life, the ups and downs of our own emotions, and so much more.  It appears that emotional turmoil is continuing to happen more and more and the problems that we think we just solved, comes back with vengeance the next week.  If you are experiencing what every human is experiencing right now in this world, then know that this process is perfectly normal and designed for the evolution of your soul.  It may sound weird, or something you couldn’t believe.  The reasons why these events are happening more often is due to one not obtaining the lesson needed.  We are being faced with the things we most resist.  The more resistance you have within your heart and mind, the more resistance you will see outside your inner world.  The inner world is what creates the potentiality of consequences for the outer world.

As we live day by day, we constantly are resisting some aspect of our life.  Take a moment and close your eyes.  In this process, I want you to take three deep breaths.  After, ask the question from your heart, “What are the things I resist in my life?”  Take a look at relationships you have that are failing or have “issues” with?  Know within that these issues are the consequences of your perception.  Ask yourself, do I reject that person in my life or accept?  From there, ask why you reject or accept them?  Pay attention to the reasons on why you would reject someone and these will give you clues to the current lessons one needs to obtain.  As you practice this more, you will start to realize how easy and quick you can obtain answers.  I tell people all the time, YOU have all the ANSWERS WITHIN YOU.  One does not need outside sources to tell you about the potentiality you are currently living.  As we all start to look within for all our answers, we will start to find the truth to why.  One thing you have to pay attention to is, all things evolve and come from YOU.  So, as soon as you take your attention off yourself, you are allowing the ego to reject and create separation. The heart knows we are all one and accepts all for what and who we are.  The mind only perceives and accepts what is form.  The mind cannot comprehend or understand spirituality.

So, in closing, know that you are an amazing individual.  You are perfect for who you are.  You are here on this planet for a purpose that is bigger than yourself, this world and this universe.  Believe in the power of who you are.  In this time, you are on a roller coaster and every time you are heading down south, ask yourself this question, “What is the lesson I need to learn from this?”  Then state, “I surrender all things to you (God/Divine/Universal Intelligence/it) and I know my answers are already being aligned for my highest good.”  From there, with faith, all things happen.

You are so powerful, the human mind cannot even comprehend the power of yourself. Know that each time you learn from a lesson and help evolve your mind, body and soul, you end up helping evolve the mind, body and soul of each and every human being.  It is the law that states, if you bring your own vibrational frequency up, you end up raising the vibrational frequency of humanity.  And as each one of us take off our own personal barriers of our light, together, we will bring heaven on earth.  The CHOICE is ours.  What do you choose…

Much blessings in light and love!


Victor Manzo Jr.


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