Do Bad Day’s Exist?

Posted July 19th, 2011

A truth of the world is bad days do not exist.  Some may go, you don’t live in my world or my shoes.  I will say that, everyday is an amazing day.  Everyday you live is a miracle.  Everyday that you get to open your eyes and enjoy this beautiful perfect blue planet we call “Earth,” is a gift.  This gift is what gives you another day to explore the potentiality of your being.  To experience the consequences of your vibrational frequency.  It is another day to evolve your soul, to make a difference, to be a blessing to the world and to experience the blessing of being human.  Each day, is a day to rejoice.  One way to show your gratitude is, instead of waking up and wanting to hit the snooze button or bash your alarm clock, take five minutes to thank the Divine/God/Universal Intelligence or whatever your choice of nomenclature is, to say thanks and allow you to choose the potentiality that serves your highest good.  If you do this for one week, write down how your world has changed.  As you continue to show gratitude for life, see how in one month, what happens to your world.  Start to see how your heart may open up.  When you speak in prayer for gratitude, know that it has to come from the heart.  You have to speak not with the mind but with thy heart.  You have to have a thought, emotion and feeling.  It is these three things that creates the power of prayer to be so powerful.  It is so powerful, there is a hospital in China that is medicine-less and only uses the power of prayer.  And what is amazing about this place is, they get results that baffles the Western world.

So in closing, when you create the mix of a thought, emotion and feeling together, it creates the magnetic forces for you to show the power of gratitude and result, you will feel more life within your mind, body and soul.  Until next time, many blessings in light and love…

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