Dig Deep…

Posted July 9th, 2011

In life, to find truth, one must look within.  Man, through psychological evolution, has become prisoner by their ego.  Each and every human has an inner child, an innocence to them.  When I see an individual, this is where I see them in.  It pains me to see how they have let their ego control who they are.  Ego is what gives you a false sense of self-identity.  It makes you believe this is who you are.  I am a chiropractor.  I am an engineer.  I am a lawyer. We let our titles become who we are instead of letting our true self, our true spirit show who the true I AM of ourselves is.

As we approach 2012, the shifts that are occurring are not only on planet Earth, but in every planet of our solar system, our sun and around our universe.  NASA has been recording more and more massive explosions that are close to the power of the big bang at the end of our universe.  Why do you think this is happening?  If there is chaos happening in the cosmos, do you think it will be happening to us also?

We have the choice to allow chaos within our lives or not.  The way to remove ourselves from this chaos, from the programming of society is by surrendering and letting go.  Let go of the feelings, grudges, fear that you hold on to and surrender to the love, joy and bliss that awaits you.  In society, we are constantly programmed with low frequencies which only bring pride, shame, guilt, ignorance, intelligent ignorance which all of these do not support life.  They do not speak the truth.

Allow one’s spirit to be by surrendering to your own light and letting the TRUE self of who you are out.  Talk to that inner child within you that we all have.  If you think this is crazy talk, grab a picture of yourself when you were 4-6 years old and look in that child’s eyes.  Those child’s eyes are your eyes today.  Each of us are a child in adult form.  We are all children of God.  Look within to find out what makes your inner child happy and talk to him/her.  I have realized overtime, the more I allow my inner child out, the less stress I feel, the more joy and love I feel within.  I start to feel lighter and truly feel blessed, grateful for all and loved.  We all have an inner child and our inner child just seeks for love, joy and happiness.

In conclusion, connect with your inner child and your spirit.  The more you surrender to your mind and allow spirit to guide you, the more blissful of a road you shall experience.  It may be a rollercoaster ride in these times but know, every conflict, issue or what I like to call them,”Opportunity of Soul Growth,” is for your highest good.  We are the creators of our life and we choose happiness or suffering each and everyday.   Which one do you want?  Ask your inner child.  Ask your TRUE essence.  One thing I know for sure, we all seek for health and happiness.  It is the premise of what God would want for all of us and what the Divine constantly gives us.  It is up to us to choose if we want to accept that blissful energy or feed our ego to create not only self-destruction upon ourselves but the people around us.  If you break down the barriers within to expand your light, there will be more light around you that will create the candle flame effect.  Then, you will experience Heaven on earth.  From there, you give the opportunity for others to experience this and that is how we help raise the consciousness level of humanity…  Until next time, namaste and much love to you all…

Victor Manzo Jr. D.C.


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