Decisions or Choices

Written on Jan 12, 2012


We have let fear control our lives. We have let media influence our every day choices. We have become powerless and it has been told to you over and over. The medical model tells you your health is determined by your genes. They tell you that you have no control over your life or your health. If you come down with a disease or illness they only tell you the option they want you to hear but do not tell you the endless possibilities. Manipulation is what they do. The more you feel powerless, the more they have power.

Know that you are power beyond measure. What choices you make in this lifetime echo into eternity. If your family has a history of heart disease, you have the power to stop that history and eradicate it from your children. You are powerful enough that one simple act of kindness to someone raises the vibration of humanity to increase the possibility of those acts of kindness be done again. “You are a spiritual being living a human being experience” (Wayne Dyer). To desire to WIN at life is by living your life to its fullest potential.  It does not mean go live for the moment and always have fun.  It talks about being in a present time consciousness.  Present time consciousness is enjoying everything in that one moment and not thinking of anything else.  It is not living in the past or in the future but RIGHT here RIGHT NOW!!!  The older I get, the more I appreciate life and the experience of being a human being.  We are not designed to be perfect but we are perfect in our design for what we choice to do in this lifetime.  We have all that we need to achieve what we desire to create the life of living to your potential.

Truly winning in life is a habit.  And a habit starts from consciousness.  It comes from where you focus your energy on.  The type of thoughts.  How you look at other human beings.  When you create a thought in your conscious mind and start to play the tape over and over, eventually it will become a habit.  When it becomes a habit, it starts to take shape of your life and becomes your reality.  So, if you think the world is a hard place to thrive and continue to say that over and over, the habit will form.  Then the universe says, I will give you exactly what you ask for.  You have created the BEINGNESS and FREQUENCY of life situations that state, “The world is a hard place to thrive.”  And the very next thing is, you start to see it in your reality; in your world!  Then, you have set the stage of surviving instead of thriving.  And when you do that, you will miss the beauty of what life has to offer until one day, you get sick and tired of surviving and wake up.

One of the ways I use to break thoughts that I do not want to turn into a habit, let alone, my reality is through meditation and breathing.  When I get upset (working on mastering this one), instead of going into my patterns that I normally would, I take a deep breath and calm myself and state, whatever I am upset about is an illusion and not real.  Sometimes I chant that to myself but I say it from the core of my stomach.  I let my heart vibrate when I say it so it can open the doors to LOVE instead of FEAR.  Give a shot and let me know if it helps at all.  Remember, there are only two emotions in life.  LOVE and FEAR.  LOVE cannot exist when FEAR does and FEAR cannot exist when LOVE does.  I will write more about this on my next blog!  Until next time, much blessings in love and light

Dr. Vic Manzo


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