Biggest Tragedy in Life

Posted March 16, 2010

The biggest tragedy is not death but potential never used. We have the power to shift the worlds. We have the power to turn lead into gold. We have the power to turn cancer into healthy cells in the matter of seconds. Reach outside your comfort zone because there is where the magic lies for you. You don’t know if your the next Jesus, Buddha, Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, etc. until you attempt. The human mind will attempt to keep you in a box. It will create fear within you when you get close to the edge. But, this is something I can promise you that if you go beyond that line, go outside that box, you will achieve and attract things in life you couldn’t ever imagine. For the one who makes oneself available and shows desires to serve, will be granted what it needs to fulfill its purpose. It is the ones who live inside this box wonder years later why things have not gone their way.

The greatest thing we have lost is faith in oneself. The medical model has been informing society for years that our bodies are not perfect by design. They preach that our genes is what controls our destiny. Maybe we had parents in our life never give us support for our most wacky and crazy ideas but let me say this, it is those ideas that shift the world. A person who thinks outside of the norm of society is looked up on as weird. But, if we are all unique beings with unique bodies, minds, souls and emotions, should we not think different? Isn’t thinking all the same or anything called “normal” actually insanity? We should all think on a level that is unique to ourselves and it shall be what compliments others.

In conclusion, do something today, this week, this month or this year that would be going outside your box. Confront your fears because all they are is an illusion. Think of your fears as a room in a house that doesn’t get any light. All you have to do is put light to that area and the darkness disappears. We bring light to an area through awareness and attention. When someone does energy healing, it is helping the body bring awareness to a specific area of something may it be emotional/mental, physical, biochemical or bioenergetic. The moment we become aware of it, it vanishes and at that insight does not hold the power over us no more. YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. A measure that humans cannot grade or even begin to imagine. We can do things that any field of physics can figure out nor a mathematician can create an equation for. If one person can do it, we all can. If Jesus could walk on water, bring life back into the dead, turn water into wine, we can do that. If Paramahansa Yogananda could bring life back into the dead and do the healings like Jesus did, why couldn’t we be that powerful? Or, Padre Pio who has been told had the wounds of Jesus miraculously come upon him? He created miracles of healing and much more. What about the wise mind of Buddha and the amazing healing he brought to this world? How about Lord Krishna? Mohammad? Gandhi? And so forth… Do not think you are not as powerful. The only difference between these people mentioned and yourself is not because they are gifted but they had faith within themselves, thought outside the box and did things that was not of norm. We can be just as powerful and do just as amazing things as they did only if we have faith within ourselves! The key is faith and going outsize your comfort zone. The rest will play out the way it has because now, you are living your life on the court where you are the game player and not the person watching from the stands where most of society lives at. YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. Believe and miracles will prosper in your life beyond what you could ever imagine.

Blessings in light and love to you and your loved ones!


One thought on “Biggest Tragedy in Life

  1. slklesko says:

    Beautiful post. We are so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

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