Be Grateful For Life…

Posted May 22nd, 2011

I am grateful to be here; on this beautiful planet we call earth.  I, just like everyone else, are made up of the stars, planets, cosmos of this universe.  We come from vast distances to experience what we live here called, “Life.” A time, where we play a game, or act like in a movie, to learn the lessons that shall be learned at this time.  Divine order is what sets up every circumstance, every opportunity to evolve the soul and vibrate to the higher levels. Some of us are old souls and some of us are new souls.  Regardless what type of soul you are, you are here to gain knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Today and every day, I am grateful for the treasure of life.  On the other side, it is peaceful, happy, joy.  It is a world where duality does not exist.  Low vibrational frequencies do not have a home at.  We, as humans, for the most part, fear death.  I always say, if one fears death than one fears life.  To fear death is to think life is only a moment and not everlasting.  As the laws of energy state: energy cannot be destroyed or created but only to change into another form.”  In this form, you are human.  You are in the flesh and bones of your body.  Your body is the temple for your soul.  It is what was designed for you to carry out your mission, your light but also, to help you learn the lessons you came on this planet to learn.
Today, I am grateful to be on this planet.  A time where fear of the end of the world is coming but the end of the world will only come to the one’s who believe.  I will talk later about what is happening on planet earth and what may be some of the things to expect.  But for now, what we are facing in every humans life is a rollercoaster.  We are seeing amazing days and cloudy ones.  We are seeing more emotional turmoil within our lives and the lives of others.  As we see these changes in our lives, the same shifts are happening to our planet Earth.  Since we are made up of Earth and the earth is made up of ourselves, we are one.  Living in this lifetime, in this specific time is a time where it will magnify your light and your being a thousand times over.  What took 100 to 1000 lifetimes to learn a lesson, you can learn many in this one.  Do not take the time that is given to you for granted.  Learn to be aware of your thoughts and emotions.  What you do, think or say will have someone else in the world do the same.  If it is an act of kindness, then another act of kindness shall be created.  If you do an act of selfishness or greed, then these acts will be created.  Be the movement and change you want to see in the world for you have the power to do so.  Together, we can make this life magical. Together, we can create heaven on earth for heaven is only a concept within.
My wish is today and for the days to come, lets go forward to work together to make this place a brighter world.  If we focus our energy on the negatives of this world (murders, drugs, terrorists), then that is all we will continue to see, but, if we start to focus on what we can do,( how we can change the world) you will see a shift in human consciousness that will raise the vibrational frequency of the human consciousness and the planet, to where lower vibrational frequencies will not be able to exist.
Until next time, I wish you much light on your journey and path in this world and may we work together to do this noble mission for the sake of humanity and the sake of this world.  We have the CHOICE to do so for we are the CREATORS of everything we see in this planet.  Lets bring heaven on earth for it cannot be done by one person but with our unique lights shining bright together, the vast part of the universe will see us glow.  Much blessings in light and love!
Dr. Vic Manzo

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