A New Year in 2012 = A New You…

Written on Jan 4th, 2012


Happy New Year!  Doesn’t it feel great to start off fresh with a New Year?  New possibilities, goals, resolutions and transitions?  I know I am one who loves to start new things.  Especially when it comes to new habits and realities.

Realities – conscious thought that stimulates an emotion that creates an action that formulates a habit = your reality!

We see many people creating many resolutions and I get excited when I see these things.  People attempting to put themselves outside their comfort zone.  People speaking their minds of what they truly want and desire.  I love when I see humanity striving beyond what their “known” potential might be.  But, and I know you knew there was this but and you even know what I will say next; How many people stick to their resolutions?  How many people strive and hit their goals?  I usually see people stick to it for one to three months on average.  I might be a bit optimistic on that but it is what I have experienced.  The question all comes down to WHY?  They were motivated to spend the energy to think of what they desired.  They had enough enthusiasm to wake up a little early to get to the gym, read that book, write that book and so forth.  But WHY did it not stick?

The reality is, they had no foundation to their resolutions (goals).  How can one plant a seed into bad soil?  Soil that is dry, no nutrients and is not nurtured?  We all know these are not the conditions to allow for the plant to thrive and BE the expression of life.  So, how can we as humans think we are so different that it will work for us but not plants or any form of life?  The truth is, we are all ONE and by that, all laws of life affect each of us.  In order for a goal/resolution to be achieved, we have to FIRST plant it in a good foundation.  This foundation on a human level is our BEINGNESS.  It is not about what we DO but who we are BEING that determines our reality and outcomes.  Our BEING is our mindset, emotions, thoughts, feelings and perception of what we desire or perception of ourselves.  It is the vibration.  This vibration is what attracts all things into ‘our’ world.  When we plant a seed in solid foundation, the result is inevitable.

Planting the seed into a solid foundation gives it the opportunity to thrive and express life.  After that, we just have to DO which is water, nurture, give nutrients and much sunlight.  These are the things as working out 3-5 times per week, reading/writing 1 hour a day, pushing yourself to work harder, meeting 5 new people a week, etc.  Eventually, the seed will turn into a plant and you will HAVE what you desired.  It is simple as that!

So, with any goal that you have, the first thing you ask is, “Who do I need to BE?”  What does that look like? Example, I want to be the Epicenter of Wellness in Chicago within 5 years.  Sound like a huge goal doesn’t it?  I didn’t think of what I needed to do  to get there first.  I said, who do I have to be?  Should I be in great shape or overweight?  Should I have a positive mindset or negative?  Should I be a role model of what I say or just be the typical of “Listen to what I say, not what I do” model?  Then, I start doing.  What are the things I will do.  Well, first, I need to meet with people and find people and businesses that share the same principles.  I need to serve a vast amount of people to show the results of what I do WORKS.  After, I need to build reputation and stick to a solid message that is consistent.

There is more to it but you get my point.  Eventually, I will be known within the community and then it grows from there to become viral.  After that, within time, to achieve Wellness and a Healthy lifestyle, you have to see Dr. Manzo’s place because that is where TRUE transformation occurs.  Catch my drift?

I wish you an amazing 2012 and much love, light, joy and prosperity in 2012.  May you manifest all that you desire.  Until next time,


Victor Manzo Jr. D.C.



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