Power of the Human Factor…

In my 28 years of experiencing planet Earth, there is one thing that cannot be figured out.  There is one thing that cannot be solved through logic.  Through my 28 years, I have been someone who can solve things at an instant or be the voice of reason.  I have always been known to always have an answer for everything but, this one thing that I talk about today, I could never have an answer for.  I call it, “The Human Factor.”  The human factor is something where logic does not speak the same language nor use the correct formulas to solve.  The mind cannot reason with human factor to determine or solve the outcome.  It is like a sports team that is favored to lose based upon their statistics, players, skills, coaches, management team and so forth.  They may have everything against them statistically and logically but when you put the human factor into the equation, basically anything is possible.  This is why I love to see an underdog team create an upset.  It is proof that no matter how much logic and algorithms we use in today’s world, we still cannot solve or put an equation to Human Factor.

Now, in quantum physics, they call this the X Factor which states something can only be observed when the observer focuses its energy upon something, then, what one sees or has a desire to see will come to life.  Take a moment and think about your life, your friends, your family, your wife/husband, your relationships;  What view do you hold within your mind about them?  What subconscious thought you have programmed yourself with that now, you are always aware of this one thing?  We all do this.  It is a survival mechanism of the mind.  Our mind is always looking for patterns.  When we see a pattern, then the mind will shape to say that, “A”, acts and means this.  “B” acts and means this.  And the letters can be whatever you like to talk about.  May it be coffee, people, characteristics, cultures, the world, society and so forth.  Regardless of what it is, the program still runs…

In my life today, I have realized that this human factor cannot be solved with logic.  The one who controls the human factor is YOU.  You are the writer of that equation.  If you are stuck at a road in life and you don’t know if you should go right or left, regardless which road you take, you have taken the RIGHT road that is for you at this time in your life.  Logic cannot determine which one is the best for you because the HUMAN FACTOR comes in and makes any possibility the right one for you based upon YOUR choice.  The human mind limits what we believe is our outcomes.  The best way I can explain this is, let’s take Earth for example.  When we use our mind and logic to solve the problems of our lives, what happens is, we only see the possibilities of what the Earth represents.  But, if we allow the human factor to come into play, what happens is, the possibilities are the Universe and anything can happen.  This is the exact reason for someone like Steve Jobs who was living house to house with no money and scavenging for food  ends up to be a multi-billionaire and create a products that have transformed the world and how we engage and talk with one another.  Where is there an equation that states the possibilities and logic behind that?  There isn’t any.  The road you choose in life is only chosen by YOU and whatever path or choice you make in this lifetime is the RIGHT one for you.

After time has passed on from a choice you made and you see how it didn’t benefit you in your favor, the amazing thing about the human factor is, IT TRULY HAS!  There is a universal law that states, no matter what happens, there is always an even exchange of energy.  You cannot give without taking.  Any action will have a reaction.  REGARDLESS of what CHOICE you make, YOU still end up experiencing something.  You still end up obtaining new lessons and wisdom from each obstacle in life.  This to me is what I call the Blessing from God.  God has blessed us that we never lose out in any situation ever, no matter how bad it may seem.  We are always gaining knowledge, learning, adapting and obtaining wisdom.  And whatever weakness you may have, know that one’s greatest weakness becomes thy greatest strength!

So, enjoy life and know that no matter what you do and what you choose, there is always the human factor that comes into play.  And know that, the possibilities when you add in the human factor is endless.  Which life do you want to live?  A life that is limited to the size of Earth or a life that is always expanding and always full of endless possibilities?

Until next time, Namaste…

Dr. Victor Manzo Jr.



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